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Whether you're a realtor, builder, property owner or Airbnb host...

INCREASE rentals/sales

REDUCE time spent answering questions

TRANSMIT confidence to potential clients

...with professional videos and photos that best communicate everything you have to offer!


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Video tours are an outstanding way to instill confidence in potential clients to increase sales/rentals.

  • Professional 1-5 minute video, presented in a logical sequence to help viewers understand the layout

  • Custom titles and animated map pins to point out points of interest

  • Custom animated logo

  • 4K Aerial drone shots (location permitting)

  • Royalty free background music

  • Branded version (see video above)

  • MLS version without branding (example)

  • Custom thumbnails for YouTube/IGTV/etc (examples)

  • Still frames exported from edited video (examples)
  • Fast delivery within 72hrs of filming


  • Up to 3,000 sq ft: $500

  • 3,000-6,000 sq ft: $750

  • Over 6,000 sq ft: $1,000

custom animated logo


  • On-camera presentation by Real Estate agent (intro, outro and/or walk through), filmed with wireless mic and professional directing: +$200

  • Twilight/sunset shots: +$200

  • 24hr rush edit: +$100


  • Professional 2-5 minute video to present real estate project and surrounding community

  • Filming of model home(s)/apartment(s) and surrounding areas

  • Custom titles and graphic design

  • Animated company logo(s)

  • 4K Aerial drone shots (location permitting)

  • Royalty free background music

  • Delivery of FullHD and/or 4K video with custom thumbnail images

  • Optional script writing and professional voice-overs

  • Optional on-camera presentation by company representative(s) with wireless mic and professional directing

Starting at $1,500.  Request a quote



Professional pictures = client confidence = more rentals & income!

We turn this...

...into this!

professional photo

original Airbnb photo

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Inspire confidence with pictures that do justice to the quality of your property!

Starting at $200.  Request a quote


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  • Professional pictures taken of all noteworthy aspects of the property (no set picture limit)

  • Aerial drone photos (location permitting)

  • Comprehensive photo editing:

    • Exposure & colour correction

    • Sky replacement (on cloudy days)

    • HDR processing (combination of multiple pictures for high dynamic range)

    • Cropping (pictures can be cropped to specific dimensions for best online viewing)

    • License plate blurring

    • Blemish removal (digital correction of blemishes such as chipped paint, etc.)

    • Organization of edited pictures so they appear in a logical order

  • Fast 48 hour delivery of edited pictures in 2 resolutions: original for printing + reduced for online sharing

  • Bonus: upon request, a professional head shot of real estate agent can be taken on location


  • Up to 1,500 sq ft: $200

  • 1,500-3,000 sq ft: $300

  • 3,000-6,000 sq ft: $400

  • Over 6,000 sq ft: $500

Discount for photos + video of same property: -$50


  • Twilight/sunset shots: +$100

  • 24hr rush edit: +$100

  • Custom titles to indicate surrounding points of interest on 1-2 aerial photos: +$50 (example)


Whether you build custom homes, entire communities, or provide custom kitchens/bathrooms/etc, professional photos are a great way to showcase the quality of your work to attract new clients!

Starting at $200.  Request a quote



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Some of our clients

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I was delighted with the perfection of the pictures and logo Pierre Louis produced for me.  He managed to turn all of my ideas into reality, and the results were excellent!  I’m using the pictures and logo to this day and the results are always great!  I hope you return soon since I want to hire you to photograph new buildings!

Kika, real estate agent at Kika Imóveis, Maceió

Pierre Louis is a great professional, he has excellent ideas, his videos and pictures are incredible. I've known him for over 10 years when he filmed my sister's wedding, and now I work with him with my real estate job. I recommend him 100%.

Rosany, realtor at REC (Real Estate Centre), Toronto