Event organizer, painting company, fitness or language school...  No matter what your business may be, professional videos and photos are the best way to get your message out to the world!



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Working with Pierre Louis was a dream. He handled everything expertly from initial concept to filming productions of the highest quality for our business. His videos were professional, beautifully done and helped us to attract students from all over the world to our award-winning English school.

Alisha, Marketing Manager at ILAC, Toronto

I have done 9 videos with Pierre Louis and counting! Amazing at directing, help writing the script, filming and editing our videos. His attention to detail is second to none, and his ability to see the finish product before it occurs so he can make adjustments accordingly, is a true gift of nature. Will definitely recommend and use in the future.

Brian, owner of Toronto Home Painters, Toronto

I want to enthusiastically praise the NoCapricho promo.  The DVD is wonderful.  Fast paced, enthusiastic, fun, well edited.  It’s a powerful sales tool for our next NoCapricho event.  The video transmits the sentiment, electricity and teen spirit of the event...  From an internal point of view, this promo has become our new benchmark – from here onward, we’ve lost the right to produce any video that isn’t as powerful as this one.  Thank you and congratulations.

Adriano, Editora Abril, São Paulo

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