Only professionals that understand the world of dance can truly capture all of the beauty, elegance and energy of this art form.  Whether you want to promote your classes and events, or you want portraits to commemorate your dance career milestones, we are here for you!




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I am a dancer and dance teacher and I did several videos with One World Productions. I couldn't be more satisfied with all the work we did together. As an artist, I have a high standard for image quality, storytelling, editing, etc, and Pierre Louis’ dedication not only met but exceeded my expectations. He definitely cares about the work he delivers. His productions definitely impacted my work, since they helped attract people to my events and expose my image. Pierre Louis is extremely professional and won’t let you down. I highly recommend One World Productions!

Tássia, Dance Teacher & Performer, Toronto/Maceió

If I had to define professionalism and competence, I would simply say: "One World Productions". It was the best choice I could have ever made for my Ballet Graduation photography and video. Thanks to Pierre Louis my favourite memories are now eternalized in the most beautiful way.

Eloíza, Petit Ballet school graduate, Curitiba

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