Hi! I'm Pierre Louis Beranek

Here's some info about me to put a face to the company...

Pierre Louis started producing videos at the age of 15 when he became president of his high school's Movie Making Club, through which he spearheaded several projects such as the "Video Yearbook".  By university, he was fluent in 3 languages: English, French and Portuguese, which he learned during a one year exchange in Brazil.  In addition to his major in Film and Video, he also did a year of Italian and a year of Japanese at York University, Toronto.  A second one year student exchange in Mexico added Spanish to his languages.  Graduating with honours in 2002, he gained additional production experience doing camera work and floor directing for TV shows at Rogers Television.  In 2003, he filmed his first wedding, and shortly after, he created his production company, One World Productions, in tribute to his love of video production, travel, cultures and languages. 

Pierre Louis has provided his visual story-telling talents and creativity to clients across the Americas, producing videos in 8 different languages, spanning several industries including: events/weddings, real estate, tourism, dance, food, and vet clinics. 

Passionate about his work, Pierre Louis' goal is not only to meet, but exceed client expectations, by:

  • Providing outstanding, personable service in the client's own language

  • Under-promising and over-delivering

  • Delivering work on time (including same day edits) and within budget

  • Leaving each client with a smile

With over 2 decades of experience behind the lens, and fluency in a growing number of languages to better serve international clientele (currently learning German), Pierre Louis looks forward to the opportunity of bringing his expertise and passion to your business or event!

i am a

Video producer

Image by Patrick

Pierre Louis deepened his love of photography when he started taking pictures of ballet graduates in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2012.  Since then he's applied his directing skills and creative eye to the art of the static image, bringing smiles and tears of joy to clients in both North America and South America.



Image by Geert Pieters


Pierre Louis recently started composing piano music.  You can listen to his debut piece here

Lockdown Lullaby #1
00:00 / 04:08

...or watch the video he produced of it being played

Want to promote your music?  Get in touch!

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beta tester

In addition to producing videos, photos and music, Pierre Louis is an expert at beta testing products.

SOFTWARE beta tester for:

  • Video editing program Premiere Pro (Recognized by Adobe as one of their top beta testers worldwide during their 2010 testing cycle).  Examples of Feature Requests

  • Premiere Pro plug-ins Excalibur, Watchtower and Compass (recognized by developer as top Excalibur beta tester worldwide)

  • Film Impact's video transitions for Premiere Pro


HARDWARE tester/reviewer for:

  • FeiyuTech (beta tester for electronic camera gimbals, user manual proofreader)

  • Feelworld (tester for video monitor)

  • Manhattan LCD (tester for video monitors)

  • Cowon (tester/reviewer for MP4 player)

  • Panasonic (extensive feedback provided on DC-GH4 & GH5 cameras)

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Creator of the Premiere Pro Feature Requests Facebook group, dedicated to helping Adobe improve Premiere.

Have a product you would like tested/reviewed?  Get in touch!


Pierre Louis believes that knowledge is most valuable when shared.  That's why in addition to using it to the benefit of his clients, he also uses his years of experience to benefit other video producers and companies:

  • Provided training to staff & owners of production companies in Canada & abroad

  • Taught editing workflows to increase productivity in Adobe Premiere Pro and Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro

  • Taught videotaping and editing techniques to increase creativity and production quality

  • Taught use of third party tools and plugins to increase post-production results

Examples of tips & tricks: how to set up Windows 10 for success + saving video editing time with Post Haste

Marcos, owner of Scena Foto e Video production company, São Paulo

Pierre Louis was fundamental to the growth and success of my production company. He provided my staff with workshops and training that helped them perfect their filming and editing techniques. I highly recommend his services!

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