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People "eat with their eyes".  Boost sales with videos and pictures that look as tasty as the food you serve!


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Text-only menus are unappealing…

Photo menus are better…

VIDEO MENUS, however, can truly WOW customers, inspiring them to try everything on your menu!

Getting started is easy!

Simply tell us which menu items you'd like to promote, and we'll suggest the best options to promote them with videos that match your menu's categories (entrees, desserts, etc). 

Outstanding Marketing... it's in our code!

We provide you with a QR code so that anyone with a smartphone can easily access tantalizing videos of your dishes directly from your menus, flyers, ads or storefront!

Click (or scan) the QR code to see a video menu in action!

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3-6 video clips per dish, to highlight them from various angles.  May include shots of dish being prepared.


  • Best option to entice customers to try new dishes.

  • Best option for sharing on social media since people are much more likely to like and share posts with dynamic videos.

  • Creates a wealth of footage that can be used in future videos, such as to promote individual dishes or a general restaurant promo.

Pricing: $120/dish*


  • Can fit more dishes into Instagram-ready, 60 second videos.

  • Good for simple dishes that only require a single video clip to promote.

Note: A video may contain a mix of dishes with 1 video clip and dishes with multiple video clips.

Pricing: $60/dish*

*For small food items, up to 2 items can be included in the same video clip(s).




Animated slideshow with 3 pictures per dish, to highlight them from various angles.


  • Best option for clients who need both videos and high resolution pictures of their dishes.

Pricing: $120/dish* (includes 4 professional pictures of each dish)


  • Lowest production cost for clients who need both a simple video menu and a single high resolution picture of each dish.

Note: A video may contain a mix of dishes with 1 picture and dishes with multiple pictures.

Pricing: $60/dish* (includes 1 professional picture of each dish)

*For small food items, up to 2 items can be included in the same photo(s).



  • Custom titles that match the style of your brand.

  • Second language added to titles upon request (see videos above).

  • Royalty-free music.

  • Images of restaurant added upon request to promote ambience.

  • 4K format for YouTube/Facebook/website/TV/etc.

  • Custom thumbnails for YouTube/Facebook and Instagram.

  • Optional menu consultation for naming dishes.

  • Still frames exported from the edited videos (examples).

  • Compilation video of all menu videos joined back to back, to easily share with a single link or to loop on a TV.

  • Custom animated logo.

custom animated logo

Note: For a video menu that includes a separate video of each dish, please contact us for a custom quote.



  1. PERSONALIZED - We animate your logo and design custom titles to match the style of your brand!

  2. MULTI PURPOSE - Advertise your food/brand anytime, anywhere:

    • Point of sale: Encourage more orders and repeat visits from dine-in and online customers by making their menu browsing experience unique!

    • Passersby: Captivate the attention of passersby with a street facing TV that plays your entire video menu in a loop, with a "Scan to watch our video menu!" QR code next to (or in) the video.

    • Social Media: Create engaging posts by featuring menu videos in fun ways. For example, a desserts video posted with the text "Know someone who could use more sweetness in their day? Tag them in the comments to give them a chance to win a gift card in our draw!"

    • Flyers: Link your printed ads/flyers directly to your video menu.

  3. FLEXIBLE - Dishes can be added, removed or reorganized at any time.

  4. UNIQUE - Video menus are very rare.  Stand out from your competition by becoming a marketing pioneer!

  5. INTELLIGENT - By dividing dishes by menu category, customers can watch just what they're interested in, making the experience much more enjoyable.  This also creates more videos to share and thus more marketing opportunities to be seen and remembered!

With online sales becoming more important than ever, there’s never been a better time to invest in effective digital marketing… and a video menu is one of the best ways to do it!

Menu Videos
Still Images



$35 for 1 edited photo per dish

$70 for 3 edited photos per dish

$250/hr for general photography of restaurant and/or dishes, with no set limit on number of edited pictures delivered

Some of our clients

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Pierre Louis’ work is impeccable! He’s an excellent professional who’s dedicated to the quality of his work. He’s a person with a unique vision that contributes a lot to your company's marketing. I am extremely satisfied with the video menu made for my restaurant, as well as the 360 degree photos! That goes without even mentioning his help in translating our menu into English.  I highly recommend his services!!  We need more professionals like him in the world!

Johann Peter, owner of Old West Restaurant, Bonito, Brazil

Excellent production company.  They produced the video of my restaurant Juanita in Bonito and the result was outstanding. I recommend them and will do more work with them in the future!

Jean Pierre Palmieri, owner of Juanita Restaurant, Bonito, Brazil

Pierre Louis is an incredible professional.  He's not only extremely talented, he also cares about all of his projects and clients at a level that goes beyond expectations.  I recommend him to anyone looking to get exceptional service with top-notch quality.  He's my go-to videographer for both my and my clients' projects and I couldn't be happier with his work.

Pamela Cambuy, owner of Digital Metamorphosis publicity agency, Toronto


Videos. Photos. 360 Tours. We've got you covered!
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