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5 key features of
effective video tours

1. Straight to the Point

Video tours should be as succinct as possible while showing off all of the property's relevant features, providing a virtual visit that inspires confidence rather than boredom.​

2. Location, Location, Location!

Setting the stage by showing off a property's surrounding area and local amenities can sometimes be as important as showing off the property itself!  Video tours that show nothing but the property itself only tell part of the story.

3. Best Light Possible

Video tours should show the property in the best light possible with camera work and editing that focus the viewer's attention on the property's best features rather than wasting time with unflattering shots. This also means prepping the property for filming by removing distracting objects, etc.

4. Information is Key

Elegant titles that provide key details, such as address, # of bedrooms, square footage and local amenities, are a big part of turning a video tour into an effective one. Obvious titles such as "Kitchen" should be left out however since they distract rather than enhance the tour.

5. Logical Sequence

An effective video tour needs to show off the property in a logical sequence so that viewers can better understand its layout.  Unlike most production companies, we organize our video tours (and pictures) in a logical sequence.

6. Animated Logo

Videos are all about motion, and the same should apply to your company logo!  We animate logos, giving them the WOW factor they deserve!  Watch examples here

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