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We offer complete solutions to help your marketing go from zero to hero!

To better understand the sales boosting tools we offer, please see below the productions we provided to a client of ours.

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Main video


Day Use

Scuba Diving orientation

Main video (Instagram Version)



Website background video (no audio)

History of Nascente Azul (narrated)


Scuba Diving


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DON't pay twice.
get it DONE right the first time!

Many clients come to us to fix their poor marketing.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and in the case of bad marketing, that means lost sales.

That's why it's much more economical (and profitable!) to get it right the first time with excellent productions that actually boost sales.

Here's a comparison between our client's original video and our new version, to illustrate the benefits of getting it right the first time rather than paying twice:

Original video

  • shaky, low quality images

  • low resolution (720p)

  • misplaced sound effects

  • editing errors

  • lack of cohesion between narration and what is shown

  • various mistakes in the subtitles of the English version

Our version

  • high quality 4K images

  • engaging musical background

  • proper pacing to give time to appreciate every detail

  • sound effects that match the visuals

  • extensive retouching to make colours pop

  • error-free English subtitles

Don't lose sales to bad marketing.

Get it done right with One World Productions!

Screen Grabs
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Quotation Marks Start.png

Our Hotel and Travel Agency has been working with One World Productions for 7 years and Pierre Louis has always produced work of the highest quality which our brand and businesses demand. Pierre Louis has an incredibly creative mind, tremendous ability and deep knowledge for all aspects of production which has led to excellent results for our businesses. Over 7 years Pierre Louis has delivered 32 productions. We highly recommend One World Productions.

Paul Maxwell, owner of Arte da Natureza hotel and Natureza Tour travel agency, Bonito, Brazil

I would like to thank One World Productions for the service and professionalism they demonstrated while filming our videos.  I receive a lot of guests and I ask them what got them interested in staying at Village Mutá.  Many of them respond that watching the videos they felt confidence to book, understanding the style of my property and appreciating the nature of the place.  Your work is wonderful.  Thank you Pierre Louis.

Roberto Calamai, owner of Village Mutá vacation condominium, Porto Seguro, Brazil

In one word: “Excellent”.  That is how we would describe the work produced by One World Productions for our business.  With the video on our company’s website, we’ve had a significant increase in direct online sales.  I highly recommend One World’s services to all those who seek to make their marketing stand out.

Marcio Ramirez, owner of Iguassu Charm hotels, Iguaçu Falls, Brazil


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